Our Clients

Most of our Clients are medium-sized Hungarian and foreign companies, of which business activity covers almost the whole arrange of commerce, industry and services. Besides small and medium-sized enterprises, we represent domestic and foreign private individuals as well. Furthermore, from time to time our services are also requested by some corporate enterprises and by the Hungarian administrative and governmental bodies.

Our intention is to establish and keep long term relationship with our Clients. The acceptance of an assignment is always based on detailed work and cost analysis, and the review of the realistically achievable results.

Our services are always provided in close co-operation with our Clients, in the way that our Clients are served personally, all-inclusively and on the responsibility of our attorneys.

If special expertise is needed to resolve a legal problem, the whole experience and expertise of all of the firm’s attorneys and the support of various workgroups – which are set up accordingly to the special needs of our Clients- are at the disposal of our Clients.

Therefore, we can be proud of our typically long-termed, close and good relations with our Clients.

Upon such request we are pleased to provide a list of our clients who have agreed to the disclosure of their names as the firm’s reference.